Made in the USA for over 60 years

Safety Clamps, Inc. has provided industry with precision lifting devices for steel plate, structural shapes, pipe, and drum since 1962. We are proud to celebrate over 60 years of outstanding quality and service.

Our 'Big Bite' lifting clamps (named for the extra large jaw openings) are available through our extensive network of distributors, and factory representatives are available to assist you with your lifting needs.

Putting Safety Clamps BIG BITE lifting clamps in your customers hands just got more affordable! Take advantage of our new TRADE IN! TRADE UP! program and exchange old clamps, including other brands for AMERICAN MADE Safety Clamps. Call 1.800.456.2809 for more details!

Our vertical lifting clamp models with locks are designed for the vertical transfer of material with models that can lift from horizontal to vertical to horizontal.  Our vertical lifting clamps' non-locking models are designed for the vertical lift and transfer of material only.

Our horizontal lifting clamps for plates are designed for the transfer of plate material in the horizontal position only, available in both locking and non-locking models.

Our structural lifting clamp models are designed to lift, transfer, and position various structural shapes including beams, girders, channels, etc.

Safety Clamps, Inc. can manufacture special clamps to your specifications and needs.

Just give us a call at 1.800.456.2809 or email us at with your lifting application and specifications and we will design a clamp to fit your needs.

For more information on "Big Bite" lifting clamps manufactured by Safety Clamps, Inc. please contact us!

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    Preferred Safety Clamps, Inc. Distributors

    Our team of service personnel, factory representatives, engineers and distributors are available to assist you in choosing the right lifting products, using proper lifting procedures.

    Safety Clamps, Inc.

    Our team of service personnel, factory representatives, and engineers are available to assist you in choosing the right lifting products, using proper lifting procedures, and designing special lifting products based on your needs. Safety Clamps, Inc. maintains a large inventory of clamps, parts, and repair kits for immediate shipment and a large network of distributors to ensure you get your Safety Clamp when you need it.

    The Safety Clamps, Inc. Service Center, located adjacent to our manufacturing facility is available to assist you with yearly inspections, testing, and re-certification of your Safety Clamps products. If necessary, any repairs will be made and your clamp will be tested, re certified, painted and shipped within 24 hours of approval.

    Safety Clamps, Inc. shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, direct or indirect, based upon any information contained in this web site. Always read the operator's manual supplied with each clamp before use.

    How To Order

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    Inspection and Repair

    Safety Clamps' products may be returned to the factory for inspection and repair in accordance with an established fee schedule.

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