Safety Clamps, Inc. Support

Our team of service personnel, factory representatives, and engineers are your lifting clamp support available to assist you in choosing the right lifting products, using proper lifting procedures, and designing special lifting products based on your needs. Safety Clamps, Inc. maintains a large inventory of clamps, parts, and repair kits for immediate shipment and a large network of distributors to ensure you get your Safety Clamp when you need it.

Safety Clamps, Inc. Is Here For You

The Safety Clamps, Inc. Service Center, located adjacent to our manufacturing facility, is available to assist you with yearly inspections, testing, and re-certification of your Safety Clamps’ products. If necessary, any repairs will be made and your clamp will be tested, re-certified, painted, and shipped within 24 hours of approval.

How To Order Safety Clamps

When ordering Safety Clamps always include the following information:


Example: (4) 2 Ton Model VL (0 – 1 5/8”)

How To Order Safety Clamps Replacement Parts

When ordering Safety Clamps replacement parts, prefix each part number by the rated capacity of the clamp in tons, and the model designation of the clamp.

Example: The part number of the lifting shackle is SC-10.

To get the proper lifting shackle for a 1-ton rated capacity Model VL clamp, prefix the part number with a 1 and the clamp, VL.

Part number 1-VL-SC-10 specifies a lifting shackle for a 1-ton Model VL clamp.


The following conditions apply only to delivery within the continental United States:
Safety Clamps, Inc. will pay freight charges on single purchase order amounts of $2,900.00 net or more on all 1/2 – 10 ton Models, when shipped to one destination. Otherwise, all shipments are made F. O. B. Jacksonville, Florida.

Responsibility terminates with the delivery of goods to the transportation company, and the shipper cannot be held responsible for any damage or delays incurred in transit.

Ownership Passes To the Buyer Upon Delivery To the Carrier.

All products manufactured by Safety Clamps, Inc. meet the ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards.

All prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.
No returns are allowed without written consent.
All returns must have a Return Authorization Number and are subject to a 25% restocking fee.