Capable of vertically lifting, transferring, and stacking steel beams in the “H” position when the lifting eye is over the web. Do not use on plate material.

MODEL VL-BC – Structural Lifting Clamp Features

Specially designed for lifting, transferring, and stacking beams in the “H” position
when lifting eye is over the web.

Vertical Lift Only

  • Do not use to lift plate steel.

Locks Open and Closed

  • Locks open to facilitate loading and unloading clamp and protects grippers from damage.
  • Locks closed onto material for a more secure lift.

Remote Release Lock Handle

  • By attaching a tag line to the lock handle, the operator is able to lock open the clamp from a distance when the load is at rest and secured.

Rated to lift material with a surface hardness up to 450 Brinell

  • 2 & 4 ton lift capacities have dual upper gripping cams and a self-aligning lower gripping pad for more stability and longer gripper life.