Slim design Single Cam non-locking clamps to lift single or stacked plates. Used in pairs, sets of pairs, or in a tripod arrangement to lift and transfer plate in a horizontal position only.  Great for fitting between the slats of burn tables and other narrow spaces.

Model HL-Slim  – Horizontal Lifting Clamp


Horizontal lifting clamp for plate steel.

The slim design fits between the slats of burn tables


Rated to lift material with a surface hardness of up to 450 Brinell

Non-Marring is available for material with a surfaced hardness in excess of 450 Brinell

Extra Wide Jaw Openings available with Model HLW

  • Special jaw openings are available upon request.

As the top sling angle increases, the clamp’s rated capacity decreases.

Rated capacities are per pair:
0 – 60° top sling angle: 100% rated capacity
61 – 90° top sling angle: 75% rated capacity
91 – 120° top sling angle: 50% rated capacity